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Eva and Abraham Beem

The facts of Eva and Abraham's lives come from Children of the Holocaust. I've summarized and re-written the information here to make it more engaging. But I am in debt to that website for the basic outline of their biography. Underlying their tragic story is the fact that the Nazis targeted assimilated Jews with as much vehemence as their more orthodox counterparts.

Eva and her younger brother Abraham lived in Leeuwarden, Holland when the Germans invaded in May of 1940. At the time, Eva was eight and Abraham, five. Their father was a high school teacher, and their family, like other Jews in Holland, was assimilated into all aspects of the country's social, political and economic life.

Eva witnessed the "Aryanization" of Jewish businesses in Leeuwarden, and knew that her parents were growing poorer each day. There was some Dutch resistance to German policies, but the Nazis quickly suppressed all rebellions with force and violence.

Eva's parents decided to send her and Abraham to a rural village where they might successfully pose as non-Jews. A Christian family in the town of Ermelo took the two children in, gave them new names and sent them to the public school with other non-Jewish children.

Because the Nazis paid German citizens for turning in Jews, Eva and Abraham lived in constant fear of being found out. In February of 1944, the Nazis discovered the children in Ermelo and deported them to Aushwitz. No heroic souls were willing to help Eva and Abraham at that point. They died in the gas chambers, alongside millions of other.

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