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Jewish children that survived in Nazi-occupied Europe did so because of the extraordinary efforts of certain adults. Parents, friends and even strangers often risked their own lives to hide, protect or rescue children. The majority of young children were not lucky enough to survive, and those who did faced an arduous road of psychological difficulties. Below is a sampling of stories about children who survived the Holocaust. Each biography is, of course, unique to the individual child, and each is a testament to the strength and courage so many people showed during a most horrific time.

Augusta Feldhorn (Picture courtesy Children of the Holocaust)

Anna - a Polish baby spends three years of her life hiding in a false ceiling.
Alex Groth - a mother's courage and pure luck help a little boy survive the Warsaw ghetto.
Hedy - a German girl escapes to England but suffers pain and trauma all the same.
Kayla - a resilient girl is stuck between a Jewish and a Catholic world.
Alfred Ament - a young boy loses his entire family while trying to evade the Nazis.
Augusta Feldhorn - an Austrian girl stays safely hidden in a convent.

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